Creativity and innovation are important processes widely considered to contribute to the well-being, performance and development of both individuals and society. While the scientific study of these phenomena has made significant advances over the past decades, the field remains focused on individual processes and divided along disciplinary lines.

The Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation (WCCI) is built on a two-fold premise. That creativity and innovation are fundamentally collaborative or distributed in nature. That only a truly multidisciplinary study can further our understanding of how creativity and innovation work and how we can best foster social innovation.

The WCCI is the result of the cooperation between departments at Webster University Geneva, partnerships with other Webster campuses, and a wide network of universities and organizations from Europe, the US and other parts of the world.

Our shared vision is that creativity and innovation can be studied scientifically, that this study needs to be systemic, developmental and multidisciplinary, and that creative and innovative processes should be cultivated as part of a collective effort to respond to the many challenges of today and tomorrow.